Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweeet Deals

    I'm all about bargain shopping .. I mean who isn't? When I'm not shopping at thrift stores or consignment shops I love checking out H&M especially during their seasonal sales. I got 4 items for $30 and I was pretty lucky to find versatile pieces to add to my wardrobe. I purchased a sheer beige over-sized tunic, a thin strap shell pastel pink dress, black high waist skirt, and a knitted long sweater. My favorite piece has to be the dress .. I'll probably wear it for v-day with a boyfriend blazer.

I love my Dunkin Donut Iced Coffee :) Sweeet !!!


Anonymous said...

I love all of these! And I love the prices more. haha So I never got the Dunkin Donut coffee thing. Is it a north kinda thing bc the South isn't into DD. What do u think?

Avenue Ahline said...

Yea I think it's a North thing .. Starbucks is stupid expensive here and pretty much Dunkin Donuts iced coffee a Large size is only $2.89 .. actually its pretty damn good especially lite and sweet :)