Saturday, January 30, 2010

Feels like 10 degrees

Don't you hate when the weather report for today tells you that the temperature will be in the 20's but the wind is so windy that it feels like it's below 10. Being from Louisiana the winter in new york has been one of those challenging things my body has been trying to overcome. I would love to do things around the city but when it's extremely cold outside I just want to bundle up, drink a cup of tea, and stay indoors.

The bf decided since it was my day off that we should go do something. I really didn't feel like venturing out into the city so we went ahead and stayed in Brooklyn. We grabbed lunch at a Thai restaurant called "Song"" located in Park Slope area. It's a pretty hip place with great ambiance, clean line interior decor, and features a live d.j. The waitstaff is pretty attentive and the food was affordable, large portions, and food is fresh. It's definitely on my list of good eats. We ordered a small fried calamari appetizer, bf had pad see yu noodles, i had the pad thai, and for dessert we had fried banana roll with ice cream and strawberries.


@ home sipping peppermint tea, watching some t.v., and staying warm = content 


Anonymous said...

Yumm!! Your camera takes excellent foodie pics. =) I also love tea when it's cold out. My sibs make fun of me and call me grandma but oh well! haha

Avenue Ahline said...

yes i love my camera its a nikon d-slr .. i love milk with tea its so yummy and no ur not a grandma hehe

Cristine Burgos said...

Great food pics ahline! I'm now craving pad Thai!

Avenue Ahline said...

thanks cristine .. i think its time to ask randy to buy you a professional camera so u can capture amazing food pics and all ur baking goods :)