Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Soup Dumplings + Avatar = Awesome Date Night

Another night off and I'm super excited to have a date night with the bf. Since it was pretty cold outside we decided to head to Chinatown to one of our favorite good eats called Shanghai Cafe. I know a lot people prefer Joe's Shanghai but honestly if you want to avoid the wait this is the place. The pork soup dumplings are exactly the same and tasty. If you ever decide to check the place out order the shanghai fried rice, shanghai pan fried noodle, and the scallion pancakes. Trust me. It's deelicious!!!

                pork soup dumplings                          shanghai pan fried noodle

On our way to the movies to watch Avatar . It was an amazing movie and I loved everything about it especially in 3D.

Burr!!! I'm a ninja whose trying to stay warm :-p

 Home at last and our babies are happy to see us.

we took photobooth pictures @ the movies and I must say it was a perfect way to finish our date night

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Anonymous said...

I will try Shanghai Cafe next time I go to NY (whenever that will be). Sounds the like perfect date!