Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starry Night meets Amber Village

( Vincent Van Gogh famous painting "Starry Night" featured in MoMA )

My friend from California was in NYC for the weekend and we decided to hit up Tim Burton's exhibit at the MoMA. Unfortunately, when we arrived it was sold out for the day. We decided to stay to see the other collections since it's Free Admission on Friday Night after 5pm.

( Dress: H&M Coat: Worthington Boots: Aldo Handbag: Marc by Marc Jacobs )

I believe this mirror painting was from Andy Warhol .. isn't it groovy I was able to take a picture of me and the painting. 

After the museum headed to the village to have dinner at Amber Sushi restaurant. It was my 1st time there but I thought it was affordable, great decor, atmosphere was laid back, and of course the food was dee-licious. Ordered a sangria crispy duck with rice it had a sweet sauce garnished with mango, pineapple, and bok choy it was pretty amazing.


Joshen Reborn said...

Tim Burton is one of those special minds that comes along once in a blue moon, I think Johnny Depp may be his soulmate but that's my own personal little theory.

Just wanted to say Hi! I think I have to change my layout, but I love this parchment paper feel.

Avenue Ahline said...

i definitely agree with about Johnny & Tim .. their both eccentric and perfect for each other

Howie said...

I knew you were getting artsy on me when i saw this as your profile picture!