Sunday, February 28, 2010


My roommate had two tickets to attend a show at the BAM harvey theatre. BAM, is located in downtown Brooklyn, its the oldest operating performing arts center. The program we saw was called "The Tempest", it's a play by William Shakespeare. Yes, I must admit I was confused in the beginning of the play just because I never read nor heard about this particular play. As the play progressed it definitely got easier to understand what was going on. 

Theatre attire for the night:

Oversized Blazer: Express founded in the Thirft Store for $3 Dress: H&M Accessories: Forever21

After the play we had dinner with our significant others at WildWood BBQ. It was my first time there and it was not bad I mean nothing compares to down south BBQ but for New York it will do.


Yummy appe. the chipotle bbq wings was the best. 

My favorite place in Brooklyn has to be Brooklyn Promenade it has a breath-taking view of the city, the statue of libery and of course the brooklyn bridge. 


above the brooklyn promenade below is the BQE

good night 


Huong said...

Beautiful! Is that you & Armand in the last picture? Awww...

Avenue Ahline said...

hehe no mom .. its ai & fungus

Jessie77 said...

looks like you had a great time! lovely theater outfit

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