Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day


So we got about a total of 16-18 inches of snow in Brooklyn .. it started Tuesday night and finished early this morning. Unfortunately i am one of those unlucky people who doesn't receive snow days .. so yes i had to work last night during the blizzard. I guess that's the negative side working in a hospital .. blizzard or not .. i have to go. I hope the people who didn't have school or work enjoyed their day off .. lucky bastards.


Didn't have the energy to build a 6ft. snowman like my neighbors but I managed to make a mini-snowman. 
(eyes and buttons courtesy of my dog's food, carrot, and mardi gras beads)

Yves Saint Laurent : Tribute Sandals

Wannabe YSL. The other day I found a pair of platform heals for dirt cheap .. it was originally $75 but since Filene's Basement on 6th avenue was closing down I got it for $10. I can't wait to wear it when 
the weather is a bit warmer or at least when it stops snowing.

37 days more till spring .. sigh :( 

Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen R.I.P

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