Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Ribbon Bday

My birthday was this past friday and the weekend was filled with many celebration and restaurant 
outings. I had an amazing birthday lunch with close friends yesterday at Blue Ribbon Izakaya inside
the beautiful Thompson Hotel. Blue Ribbon just recently opened a new outdoor seating called 
Kanpai Garden. It's a beautiful space that overlooks Allen Street. The weather was absolutely
gorgeous and just perfect. The food was amazing and I just love their presentation. Especially, 
when you order coffee it comes in a platter of all condiments. 

I also wanted to share the last two pictures with you. My wonderful husband got me a Rebecca
Minkoff eggplant mini mac clutch. I just love the eggplant color it's so pretty. He also got me 
a beautiful bouquet of blue hydrangeas and an assortment of my favorite cupcakes from a 
local bakery called little cupcake bakeshop. Overall my birthday was wonderful and it would
not be possible without my husband and close friends. Thanks. 


M said...

the food looks amaaaazing! yummy!

Ally O said...

that look so good! yumm...
Great blog be the way
Would you like to follow each other?
Hope to hear from you soon
Ally O

Behind The Seams said...

looks like you had a great bday ahline! :)

Disha said...

Happy belated birthday! The hydrangeas are such a lovely colour! Love pictures x

Disha said...

(what I meant to say was 'Lovely pictures' - whoops typo)

Diana Marks said...

great clutch! I see you had a delicious Bday! Love these photos!

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