Sunday, May 16, 2010

3LW (3 little women)

Excuse the low quality pictures .. i didn't get to use my DSLR camera .. instead we used a regular digi camera because well it was easier to carry around.  Anyways, not sure if you were reading my previous posts but my childhood best friend was in town last weekend. I just wanted to share a few pics with you guys. It was my friend's last night and we wanted to have a special girl's dinner. We were in the mood for italian food so we headed to Little Italy for dinner.

There's too many italian restaurants to choose from when your in Little Italy. Frankly, I think there all the same so we just randomly picked a restaurant. We decided to try II Piccolo Bufalo this particular restaurant caught our eye just because of the exposed brick decor and $9 entree special.

 Dee ordered spaghetti and meatballs (those balls were massive), Ai had Spinach Gnocchi Bolognese, and I had spaghetti carbonara.

Another amazing vintage finding : a mint color arm sleeve buttoned-up shirt

shirt: vintage shorts: lucky brand jeans necklace: forever21 shoes: wannabe ysl tribute heels that I found for $10 @ filene's basement 


kumar said...

you guys looks soo cute i like your smile

Kasia_B said...

You girls look so cute! And the food you had looks so yummy too :)


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Glamour Bbey. said...
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Viv said...

you guys look great! i love your top in the last photo!! that detailing is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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