Friday, February 8, 2013

Casual Friday

Jeans: Levi's Sweater: Husband's Jacket: Old Navy Purse: Calvin Klein 
Specs: Warby Parker Kicks: Nike Air Mogan Mid 

A long time ago, in my late high school and college years I was a sneakerhead. Even though it
was a phase for me during that time, I managed to collect a lot of amazing sneakers. Fashion is
constantly changing but it's definitely refreshing to see fashion icons incorporate sneakers into
their outfits. I'm glad I kept a few of my kicks. This outfit is nothing special and it's merely just
to represent casual comfort.

In one of my food excursions, a friend of mine has been raving about the crème brûlée cart. It's
been my mission to try this small tasty delight and I finally got the chance to. There are several
flavors to choose from and I decided to try the s'mores. It was a chocolate pudding like consistency
and it's covered with marshmellows and golden grahams. I enjoyed the innovated dessert but I have
to say I prefer the classic. I still have a long way to go as far as tasting all their flavors but if you
happen to have a craving for something new I highly recommend checking them out.

Thanks for stopping by.