Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Beginning .. A New Meaning

"A reflection of 2009 can be summed in so many negative ways but as my 1st blog post I shall restraint myself and begin by saying Goodbye 2009 you will not be missed."

Hello future bloggers let me introduce myself my name is Ahline pronouce Ah-Line. My purpose for starting my blog was 1) record my future randomness 2) keep in touch with long distance friends 3) share to the world my creativeness. So, lets get this party started because shoot its 1215AM and I got work tomorrow morning :)

   A New Beginning ...
 It's that time of the year when people contemplate this pass year and determine their new years resolution. (Brief History: New Years was probably observed March 1 based in the old Roman catholic calendar. Julius Caesar offically made January 1 to be the new year in 46 B.C.) So what is your New Years Resolution?

     1. Work Hard. Enjoy Life. find an equal balance for both.

     2. Find time to volunteer around the community to make a difference

     3. Typical but a must. Lose weight for the New Year. Damn I got my sister's wedding in June

     4. Work my butt off to make my dreams become reality

 I hope everyone has a wonderful new year may you have a properous, healthly, successful, and lovely NEW YEAR. Enjoy this sick band called "Passion Pit" there songs makes me feel so happy and high on life.

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